Rachel provides realistic, personalised coaching in London to help you improve your dating experiences.

Many people think that Dating Coaches are about trying to manipulate people or get them to act a part. They think they make unrealistic promises to revolutionise their love lives and turn them into super-confident, magnetically attractive people. People can be cynical about these kind of claims, which are often based on pop psychology and not rooted in evidence. Rachel isn’t like that. She works with people to bring out the best in them on their dates and in their relationships. She gives them skills so they’re not held back by nerves, low self-esteem, or getting tongue-tied. She helps them get the conversation to a deeper level so they makeĀ a real connection with their date. Rachel enables them to work out what they need in a relationship and how to find out quickly whether the other person can meet those needs. She tells them honestly what subtle things they’re doing that might put people off when they first meet. But she doesn’t try and turn them into a different person.

Having previously worked in social psychology at the University of Oxford, Rachel uses scientific research to inform her advice so you don’t have to waste time dating the wrong people, and so that you understand the psychological processes going on in the other person and in the dating world around you. Dating has changed so much in the 21st century and we need to be aware of what’s going on.

So have an open mind and book a consultation with Rachel to improve your dating life in 2019!