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Rachel encourages healthy dating that is authentic, mindful, and ethical. She has an evidence-based approach to providing you with realistic, personalised coaching and helping you improve your dating experiences and relationships. 

Rachel has been working as a dating and relationships coach for eight years. Rachel has a background in research in social psychology at the University of Oxford, is a qualified and experienced teacher of psychology, and has training in mindfulness, life coaching, trauma-informed coaching, counselling, internal family systems, polyvagal theory, and somatic psychology.

Rachel works with all ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and abilities. She especially enjoys working with the neurodivergent!

Rachel uses scientific research to inform her advice so you don’t have to waste time with the wrong people, and so that you understand the psychological processes going on in the other person and in the world of 21st century dating. Rachel offers workshops, coaching programmes and one to one consultations, and has published a dating workbook and an anthology of short stories about relationships and technology.

Rachel works with people to bring out the best in them on their dates and in their relationships. She gives them skills so they’re not held back by nerves, low self-esteem, or getting tongue-tied. She helps them get the conversation to a deeper level so they make a real connection with their date. Rachel enables people to work out what they need in a relationship and how to find out quickly whether the other person can meet those needs. She tells them honestly what subtle things they’re doing that might put people off when they first meet. 

Rachel also works with people after divorce on processing past relationships, and unhelpful patterns of behaviour, emotions and beliefs that often stem from our upbringing and cultural background, in order to prepare them for future relationships.

In couples work, Rachel uses the Gottman Method, a therapeutic approach which is backed up by extensive research and used by therapists all over the world. Coaching with Rachel is fun and practical!

“Working with Rachel has transformed how I see relationships.”

I would definitely recommend Rachel. I’m now married!”

Rachel was systematic in helping me reflect on my beliefs about relationships and in learning to value myself and to treat myself with respect.”

My coaching sessions with Rachel were amazing.”

Working with Rachel I have gone from being an extremely shy, repressed, introverted person into a very confident, popular young man who isn’t afraid to speak to women.”

“Coaching with Rachel has been literally life-changing.” 

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