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AI future of dating technology

AI and online dating

Could AI help us write dating profiles or improve the way we interact on dating apps, on dates, or in our relationships? When I was a teacher trainer, I often wanted to give my teachers an earpiece so that I could suggest what they could say to their classes in real time as I was […]

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AI future of dating online dating technology

The future of dating

There’s no doubt that dating is evolving. With the advent of new technology, the way we connect and communicate with potential partners is changing. And, as our lives become increasingly busy, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to online dating. So, what does the future hold for dating? Well, we can […]

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Your LGBTQ+ reading and watch list

There are plenty of great books to read and films to watch during LGBTQ+ history month, as well as throughout the year. Here are Rachel’s top recommendations for some with relationship themes. Books Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters: A hilarious and sharply honest novel about being trans, parenthood, friendship, cis divorce, sex, love, betrayal. The […]

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Finding love in 2022

In 2021, you knew what you wanted from dating and became more focused, not wasting time on people with incompatible values, goals or visions of what relationships should look like. You talked more openly about your mental health, your needs, what you felt comfortable with, what you weren’t willing to put up with, the facts about public health. You started putting self-care and compassion in the diary, working on yourself, building up your support networks. Authentic connections, organic dating (meeting in real life) and healthy boundaries became the ideals you knew you wanted to pursue.

how to decide if you should break up
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Should we break up?

After Christmas and New Year, many people think about breaking up with their partner. Holidays are in some ways unnatural, because we are spending lots more time together than usual – even more than in previous lockdowns. It’s often in a confined space with the heating on too high. We – or family members – […]

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Reading on relationships for Black History Month

Here are some of my favourite novels written by authors of colour that taught me something about relationships. Research shows that reading is a great way to develop your understanding of people who are both the same as and different from you. And reading about relationships that are outside your social circles is a powerful […]

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Self-care in dating and relationships

Bring to mind a time when you felt you were truly yourself and fully alive. How did it feel, physically mentally, emotionally? What was it you liked about yourself? When did you last feel completely at peace and accepting of every part of yourself without judgment? Now think of a time when you were “in […]