Coaching Programme

Find Love in 2022: Eight week online programme

Join other singles looking for love on Rachel’s eight week coaching course, with weekly live workshops.

Each week on Zoom, Rachel will give a short talk, answer questions, and lead you in some activities to improve your dating life. You can sign up for one-to-one or group sessions. Sign up here if you’d like to find out more. Suitable for ALL ages, genders, preferences, backgrounds, personalities and abilities.

As well as being a dating and relationships coach, Rachel is an experienced teacher, a mindfulness and life coach, and has a counselling certificate. She has worked in research in psychology at the University of Oxford and bases her advice on published studies. See here for what her clients have said about her.

The coaching programme also runs for individuals in one to one sessions.

Session 1: Celebrating yourself


  • To feel good about yourself and give off the right vibe
  • To identify your strengths, values, goals
  • To understand your relationship with yourself
  • To apply this to your dating profile, online messaging and real life conversations

Session 2: Making sense of your past


  • To make sense of the place you have reached in your life
  • To recognise the influence of your upbringing and previous relationships
  • To identify your “blueprint” for relationships, love and attraction
  • To become aware of your attitudes, beliefs, expectations, behaviours and emotions around dating
  • To explore research on attachment styles
  • To “tell your story” on a date

Session 3: What are your relationship needs?


  • To explore different models of dating and relationships
  • To be selective and have high expectations
  • To believe you deserve to be treated well
  • To explore and articulate your relationship needs
  • To distinguish between essentials and desirables
  • To learn about red and green flags

Session 4: The psychology of online dating


  • To learn about the costs and benefits of online dating
  • To gain some insight into the psychological processes underlying people’s behaviour when online dating
  • To explore the best dating apps for you
  • To learn what works in a dating profile

Session 5: Successful messaging


  • To increase the number of messages sent and received
  • To make the messaging process more efficient
  • The aims of messaging and some dos and don’ts
  • Initial messages that work
  • Implicit messages: what you communicate indirectly
  • To move from messages to dates with the right people

Session 6: Dating skills, conversation skills, emotional intelligence


  • To enjoy your dates more and reduce date anxiety
  • To use the date effectively to find out key information
  • To build a connection and create warmth and chemistry
  • To get down to a deeper level
  • To create a personalised bank of questions and topics of conversation for dates

Session 7: Dating etiquette, norms, communicating your needs and preferences


  • To communicate about intimacy, sexual health, hygiene, COVID safety
  • To use and interpret non-verbal communication on dates
  • To get second dates with the right people
  • How to decide if you want another date
  • To make sense of dates that don’t work out
  • To discuss how the first ten dates should look

Session 8: Relationship skills


  • To judge when dating should become a relationship
  • To make sense of our conflicting needs for novelty and security
  • To keep the fire burning when dating turns into a relationship
  • To live with difference and challenge
  • To communicate effectively
  • To try new ways of dealing with conflict, misunderstandings and apologies

Sign up here if you’d like to find out more.