Dating on the spectrum

“Rachel is meticulous in her approach. She covers every facet of dating and helps you plan effectively for your forthcoming date one step at a time. It is great to have someone who can help you understand the nuances of dating and give you practical advice to achieve your goals.” (Mark, 31, has ASD)

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Rachel has an evidence-based approach to providing you with realistic, personalised coaching and helping you improve your dating experiences and relationships.

Rachel has a background in research in social psychology at the University of Oxford, is a qualified and experienced teacher of psychology, and is also trained in mindfulness, life coaching and counselling.

Rachel welcomes the neurodiverse including those on the autistic spectrum, people from the LGBTQ+ community, all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and those with disabilities.

Dating coaching: Rachel uses scientific research to inform her advice so you don’t have to waste time with the wrong people, and so that you understand the psychological processes going on in the other person and in the world of 21st century dating world. Particularly relevant to the neurodiverse, Rachel works on conversation skills, dating etiquette, implicit rules and norms of 21st century dating, how to show warmth and empathy, how to read your date’s behaviour, how to understand and communicate your needs for dating and relationships, and much more. Rachel offers workshops, coaching programmes and one to one consultations. Get in touch to find out more, or visit the events page.

Preparing for dating: Rachel also works with people to reflect on previous relationships and how you want to do things differently in the future. Get in touch for more information about Rachel’s eight week coaching programme or find out more on the events page.

Couples coaching: Rachel uses the evidence-based approach of The Gottman Institute to tweak ways of communicating, negotiating conflict, re-establishing an emotional connection and finding meaning and purpose in relationships. Rachel offers one to one consultations for couples. Find out more here.

Rachel’s approach to dating: Many people think that dating coaches are about trying to manipulate people or get them to act a part. Many coaches make unrealistic promises to revolutionise clients’ love lives and turn them into super-confident, magnetically attractive people. People can be cynical about these kind of claims, which are often based on pop psychology and not rooted in evidence. Rachel isn’t like that. She works with people to bring out the best in them on their dates and in their relationships. She gives them skills so they’re not held back by nerves, low self-esteem, or getting tongue-tied. She helps them get the conversation to a deeper level so they make a real connection with their date. Rachel enables them to work out what they need in a relationship and how to find out quickly whether the other person can meet those needs. She tells them honestly what subtle things they’re doing that might put people off when they first meet. But she doesn’t try and turn them into a different person. Read more about the experiences of Rachel’s clients here.

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