How Rachel can help

One-to-one consultations

Rachel works with all ages and backgrounds to support you through the dating process:
  • understanding and feeling good about yourself
  • reflecting on past relationships and setting goals for future ones
  • deciding what you are looking for in a relationship
  • working out what kind of dating you want to do
  • exploring alternatives to online dating
  • writing a good profile online
  • choosing the right photos
  • how to message people effectively
  • getting and preparing for dates
  • understanding the psychology of contemporary dating
  • developing your conversation skills for the dates
  • ongoing support during the first few weeks of dating

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Couples coaching 

Rachel also works with couples, new and established, to enable you to get the most from your relationship, bring the fun back, think about shared values and goals, re-establish an emotional connection, support ongoing conflicts, or regain the right balance between positive and negative.

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Talks and workshops

Rachel also gives interactive presentations and workshops on dating skills, the psychology of dating, mindful dating and self-care, relationship skills, dating after divorce and much more. See Events page for more details of current events.

Coaching programme 

Rachel runs an eight week programme covering all aspects of the dating process, either for individuals or groups. Find out more here.

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