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This dating workbook combines two things: reflective, mindful exercises and questions to work through; and practical advice on how to navigate dating. Rachel does not use tricks or manipulation but offers ways to be genuine and authentic while dating. If you understand the need for self-care, self-compassion, well-being, and self-awareness for dating and relating, then you will appreciate this book.

Rachel’s journal provides a template to record your thoughts about each date to encourage reflection and learning from your experiences. Rachel also provides expert advice and tips. 

Mindfulness helps you to be more focused, less distracted, fully present, more self-awareness, less overwhelmed, less judgmental, slow to react, more compassionate towards yourself and others. Purchase a mindfulness journal here, with thirty easy mindful activities to try and space to record your thoughts.

An eclectic collection of speculative stories exploring the role of technology in our futures and in relationships. What happens to human consciousness when implants can convey our thoughts to others? What does it mean for a relationship to succeed when AI is guiding it? What if sex were outsourced to avatars? And can algorithms finally force us to be compassionate?

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