This dating workbook combines two things: reflective, mindful exercises and questions for the reader to work through; and practical advice on how to navigate dating and relating to others. Rachel does not use tricks or manipulation but offers ways to be genuine and authentic while dating. If you understand the need for self-care, self-compassion, well-being, self-awareness and self-esteem in order to have something to offer a date or relationship, then you will appreciate this book. Purchase here.

Purchase a journal to record your thoughts about each date to encourage reflection and learning from your experiences. Rachel also provides expert advice and tips. Available here.

Mindfulness helps you to be more focused, less distracted, fully present, more self-awareness, less overwhelmed, less judgmental, slow to react, more compassionate towards yourself and others. Purchase a mindfulness journal here, with thirty easy mindful activities to try and space to record your thoughts.

Dating and relationship coaching

Rachel charges £50 for an hour’s consultation on Zoom. This is for individuals or couples. You decide how many sessions you want and pay as you go.

Ongoing advice on your dating dilemmas

Not getting replies to your messages? Not sure when to text after a date? Want to know if your date is attracted to you? Should you have sex with your date? An hour’s worth of expert, confidential advice as you need it by phone, email or text – take your advice in five minute slots, whenever the need arises. Ask your most personal questions and get realistic, evidence-based suggestions and a greater understanding of relationship behaviour.

What people have said about Rachel’s advice:

Before talking to Rachel I had considered that my anxieties and concerns would not be understood by others. Rachel has proved me wrong. I have found her to be extremely insightful and wise, possessing what appears to be a natural gift in understanding how people relate to one another and how they formulate thoughts, opinions, and emotions.

Rachel has been helping me for around five months with dating and gives such genuine, honest advice which really works. She prepared me for how when you develop online relationships, the face-to-face experience doesn’t live up to expectations and she was completely right! Rachel is not afraid to be honest (even if the truth is not what you want to hear) which has helped me so much. She has given me the confidence and the social skills to express and be honest about my own needs. My approach towards dating has improved dramatically.”

£50 gives you an hour of advice valid for up to six months. This would normally follow an initial one hour Zoom consultation at £50, and is subject to certain conditions.

Contact Rachel using the form below to arrange.

Dating Questions

Asking questions that get below the surface early on makes a date more effective and encourages romance and emotional connection. These questions are great for existing couples and new dates. If you would like to purchase 150 dating questions to entertain, make you think, and encourage honesty and opening up on your dates, email Rachel on the form below to purchase using PayPal. Current price is £5.

What couples have said about the questions:

The questions Rachel provided us with enabled us to have a fresh look at each other. Although we have been together for a long time and always had many things to talk about, working with the questions helped us to break up our usual pattern of communication.”

The questions made us learn new things about each other. In an established relationship, we often think we know everything about our partner. Answering these innovative questions made us ask things we had never asked each other and we saw each other in a different light. It is wonderful to (re)discover, how big a universe our partner is (and always will be).

Getting into Rachel’s questions really made us take quality time for each other. Even when a couple regularly tries to make time for each other, sometimes everyday worries and issues slip into the conversation. To deliberately sit down and use such a communication aid is a wonderful way to have a great time together.

Discussed the questions with my girlfriend and they opened the doors to some interesting topics and thoughts we don’t bring up in everyday conversation. It also really livened up a boring bus journey home! I feel we are more comfortable talking openly and honestly about our thoughts and opinions now and I’d definitely suggest other couples give it a try.


Buy your single friend a thirty minute Zoom consultation at £25 with Rachel, to explore ways to improve their love life! The voucher is valid for one year. Rachel offers realistic, practical advice based on scientific research as well as her own experiences of dating and those of her clients. She comes highly recommended by her clients (see here for details).

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