Dating Questions: good for existing couples and new dates

Good questions to ask on dates

Asking questions that get below the surface early on makes a date more effective and encourages romance and emotional connection. If you would like to purchase 100 dating questions to entertain, make you think, and encourage honesty and opening up on your dates, email me on the form below to purchase using PayPal. Current price is only £5!

What couples have said about the questions:

“The questions Rachel provided us with enabled us to have a fresh look at each other. Although we have been together for a long time and always had many things to talk about, working with the questions helped us to break up our usual pattern of communication.”

“The questions made us learn new things about each other. In an established relationship, we often think we know everything about our partner. Answering these innovative questions made us ask things we had never asked each other and we saw each other in a different light. It is wonderful to (re)discover, how big a universe our partner is (and always will be).”

“Getting into Rachel’s question really made us take quality time for each other. Even when a couple regularly tries to make time for each other, sometimes everyday worries and issues slip into the conversation. To deliberately sit down and use such a communication aid is a wonderful way to have a great time together.”

“Discussed the questions with my girlfriend and they opened the doors to some interesting topics and thoughts we don’t bring up in everyday conversation. It also really livened up a boring bus journey home! I feel we are more comfortable talking openly and honestly about our thoughts and opinions now and I’d definitely suggest other couples give it a try.”

Present idea!

Buy your single friend a thirty minute consultation with me, to explore ways to improve their love life! The session will be by telephone, Skype or email. The voucher is valid for one year. Rachel offers realistic, practical advice based on scientific research as well as her own experiences of dating and those of her clients. She comes highly recommended by her clients (see here for details). If you would like to buy a face to face consultation for a full hour for £40, this is also possible.

Contact me using the form above to find out more and to pay by PayPal.