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Toffee Dating: why I won’t be using the new ‘private school only’ app

Is being described as “chilled” by your date a good thing?

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Your credit rating is more important than being hot

One third of us continue using dating apps while in a relationship

Algorithms are useless – just get out there and date!

Signs you might be dating a psychopath

Psychological factors in becoming a victim of a dating scam

Your dating profile can be traced back to your workplace

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How to Pick Your Life Partner – Part 1

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Why Tinder is so ‘evilly satisfying’

Couples are similar to each other

Very detailed and useful review of the four major dating sites

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How to break up with your online dating site

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The Huffington Post: 15 excellent dating tips

First date bingo

Why you will marry the wrong person

Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits

10 easy ways to piss off your girlfriend

Stella Gray in The Guardian: her online search for love

36 questions that can make you fall in love with anyone

The Problem with Modern Romance Is Too Much Choice

When Dating Algorithms Can Watch You Blush: mirroring the other person’s sentence structure

OK Cupid’s Big Data set

Empirical study: The longer you look at a face, the more attractive it becomes

Love by design: when science meets sex, lust, attraction and attachment

Places to go on dates: the most beautiful and tranquil places in London

Online braggers don’t get dates

Rebound relationships

Matthew Hussey on how to reply to a “hey” text from a guy

Don’t say sorry in your messages …. You’ll be 56% less likely to get someone’s number!

Female intelligence is a turnoff for low self-esteem men

Secrets of the six month dating rule revealed by Match

Empirical study: Deal-breakers before meeting for a date (summary of study in Science here)

Survey: Why do people lie on online dating sites?

Empirical study: attractiveness and gender role incongruency are the best predictors of online attraction

Empirical study: Virtual dates are better than online chat

Survey: Motivation for using Tinder

Linguistic study of online messages shows some words are better than others

Review paper: The advantages of online dating

Review paper: Time spent online is not rewarded by face to face experience

Four things that kill relationships

How to be more attractive online

What should you look for in a long term partner?


The Curious History of Dating by Nichi Hodgson – very interesting on dating through time. Needs a good copy-editor, though! Buy here.

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari – very funny, easy to read, thorough and informative about dating. The Guardian review here.

How to choose a partner by Susan Quilliam – “Drawing upon rich cultural material, psychology and her background in relationship therapy, Susan presents partner choice as a self-development journey, driving us to learn more about ourselves, about other people, about life and the way we want to live.” Buy here .

Labor of Love by Moira Weigel – History of dating – The Guardian review here.

Flirt Coach by Peta Heskell – buy here.

Date-Onomics by John Birger – about the US stats on how many young datable men are out there – see here.

Sex in the Digital Age (2018) edited by Paul G Nixon & Isabel K. Düsterhöft – see here.

The All-or-Nothing Marriage by Eli Finkel – buy here.

The Seven Principles for making marriage work – John Gottman – buy here.


Meditation to relax you before or after a date

Dating Dilemmas: Take part in polls

What should you do if your date kisses too fast?

 Should you tell a first date if they have bad breath?

I want to find out what the deal-breakers after meeting a date are for you …. It can often be things you had never thought of before, unique to one person, like an annoying habit of suddenly breaking into in a very bad Yorkshire accent or repeating themselves over and over …. (I wonder what mine are?!)

Tell me (anonymously) what they were by clicking on the link below! Really quick survey with just two questions!