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A discussion about running and dating with trail runner Craig Allen.

Podcast with Impactful Coaching on dating after divorce, bias, AI, clones, ghosting, diversity, online dating, and more.

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Podcast interview with Gemma Nice about relationships and well-being.

How can I stop getting friendzoned after a date?

How can I get over a break-up?

How to message on a dating app

Dealing with rejection in dating

How to prepare for a first date

Getting started with online dating

Part 1 of How to make a connection when you meet someone new

Part 2 of How to make a connection when you meet someone new

A meditation for self-soothing and self-compassion when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Use these positive affirmations to feel connected to others, feel good about yourself, believe in yourself, trust yourself, and like yourself!

Meditate before your date to get you feeling good about yourself and in an empowered frame of mind!

A loving kindness meditation to listen to before or after a date.


An interview with fellow dating coach and podcaster James Preece about using mindfulness in dating.

A discussion about sex and dating between Rachel New and Ruth Ramsay, sex educator and coach.

Rachel interviews Vanessa Potter, author of Finding My Right Mind, about the use of meditation to enhance relationships.

Author Vanessa Potter interviews Rachel about self-care, how to enhance your relationships and how dating breaks down barriers in society and makes us more open-minded in this episode of her podcast series, Finding Your Right Mind.

In this podcast, Rachel discusses technology and the future of dating, including algorithms on dating apps, the ethics of sex robots and the use of grief bots.

Rachel talks to Juno Roche, trans writer and activist, about intimacy, bodies, gender, dating and language, as part of LGBT+ history month celebrations.

Rachel gives advice on dating to some eighteen year olds in Manchester

How do I know I’m ready to date again?


Dating after divorce: Rachel’s top tips