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Author Vanessa Potter interviews Rachel about self-care, how to enhance your relationships and how dating breaks down barriers in society and makes us more open-minded in this episode of her podcast series, Finding Your Right Mind.

In this podcast with gay presenters Luke and Becca, Rachel answers questions like “Should I edit my profile photos?”, “How should I deal with being ghosted?”, “Is it ok to have sex on a first date?”, “How do I get over an ex?”

In this podcast with gay presenters Luke and Becca, Rachel discusses Becca’s love life and dating during a pandemic and plays a fun game to help Becca and Luke find out more about their personalities, preferences and needs!

In this podcast, Rachel discusses technology and the future of dating, including algorithms on dating apps, the ethics of sex robots and the use of grief bots.

Rachel talks to Juno Roche, trans writer and activist, about intimacy, bodies, gender, dating and language, as part of LGBT+ history month celebrations.

Rachel talks about some books she’s been reading on relationships and answers your questions about dating in 2021

Rachel gives advice on dating to some eighteen year olds in Manchester


What is the New Normal for dating post-lockdown?


Need some tips for your relationship in lockdown?

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How do I know if I’m ready to date after divorce?


Dating tips for those dating after a long-term relationship


How to get replies to your messages when online dating


Gender differences in online messaging