One to one coaching with Rachel

Thank you for your interest in booking a one to one session with Rachel.

Rachel says, “The thought of a consultation about your dating life might be making you feel a bit nervous, but I promise it’ll be relaxed, fun and comfortable!”

You can read of others’ experiences of coaching with Rachel here.

Not sure if coaching is for you? The document below might be useful for you to understand the difference between coaching and counselling/therapy.

Have you thought about what you want from your coaching? This is something to discuss and agree together, but the document below can help you to structure your thoughts. The first session often involves you both getting to know each other’s approaches to dating and Rachel will have a series of questions to ask you to help decide if you can work together. The document below can be helpful to complete to help you and Rachel with your discussion for the first session. Download and then email it to Rachel (email address is in the document).

The general structure of coaching: The document below will give you the rough direction of the coaching, which can be adapted to your needs.

Rachel’s workbook: You will need to purchase the workbook if you want to work with Rachel, which you can do here. There is a hard copy and a Kindle version.

All Rachel’s blog posts: Here is a document that contains links to all Rachel’s blog posts by theme, which can be a useful resource for your coaching.

GDPR and waiver agreement: The document below will need to be signed and emailed after your first session if you want to continue working together.

Booking policy: Sessions are currently £60 for an hour on Zoom, payable in advance when the session is booked. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy: you get a refund if you give Rachel more than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation.

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