Want to have a date that’s a bit unconventional?

Try one of these activities and you could get to see how your date interacts with others, or how they cope with competition, making mistakes, and possibly losing. Or you might want to see how they can respond spontaneously to new information or experiences.

Here are some of the alternative dates I’ve been on. Let me know of your own experiences!

  1. Museum lates: Maybe you’ll get into an interesting debate about the nature of reality, the morality of robots, or social identity in Early Mesopotamia….

These usually involve a combination of exhibitions, talks, interactive stuff, food and drink, and lots of people.

Try these: The Wellcome Collection, Victoria and Albert Museum, British Academy, British Museum, British Academy, or Science Museum.

  1. Free or reasonably priced talks: Does your date ask the speaker an embarrassingly simplistic question during the discussion after?

Try these: Gresham College, LSE, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Interesting Talks in London meetup, Philosophy Meetup, Tate Modern.

  1. Walks: How does your date look in a woolly hat or sensible walking shoes?

Try these: Regents’ Park, Richmond to Kew along the river, along the South Bank


  1. Sport: Would you let your date win if you thought it might get you more points?

Try these: Play tennis, badminton, go to an outdoor gym …..

  1. A dance class, especially one you’ve both never done before: Who is the faster learner and will that person help the other in a non-patronising way?

Try these: salsa and bachata meetuptea dance meetup, lindy hop

More salsa classes: www.bar-salsa.com and www.salsateca.co.uk

  1. Discussion groups: How attractive are you when you’re arguing?

Philosophy Meetup event, Pub Psychology, a book club, or a language exchange meetup

  1. Lunchtime or early evening free concerts: Can your date sit still? Did he/she remember to switch off his/her mobile phone?

Try these: St James’s Piccadilly, St Martin-in-the-fields, St Olave’s in the city, Southbank Centre, National Portrait Gallery

  1. Indoor picnic: Will your date bring all the food groups?

There are plenty of spots to sit down that are not part of the café to work, read and chat in the Southbank Centre, and there are usually exhibitions and other things going on.

  1. A large bookshop where you wander round the different departments and read poems, philosophical musings and recipes to each other: Can your date pronounce Derrida, Lyotard and Baudrillard correctly?                                                                               
  2. Comedy nights: Will you laugh at the same jokes as your date? How do they feel about sitting on the front row?

Try these:

Free Comedy meetup

Top Secret Comedy Club – often £1 or £5

Camden Comedy Club